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History of the Museum

The origins of this museum date back to the summer of 1925, when a small band of men, interested in similar cultural pursuits, met in Southold to organize a Long Island Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association. The initial group included Nathaniel E. Booth, Bennett DeBexiedon, William D. Griswold, Roy Latham, Elliot A. Brooks, Edward S. Vail, Charles F. Goddard, James A. Gildersleeve, and Daniel A. Young.

In 1932, the association received recognition from the New York State Archaeological Association and a certificate of membership was granted. Over the next 11 years the group met informally from time to time, at the homes of its members. These gatherings were always anticipated with great pleasure because of the social atmosphere, the comradeship, the interesting discussions, and the display of many unusual artifacts unearthed by the members throughout the year. With the growth of the chapter, it was always the continued hope to build a small museum someday to house the ever increasing collections of its members.

In 1943 the chapter was incorporated, becoming a financially independent unit and thus establishing a corporate body which could act independently as a trustee for the chapter’s valuable material. After the death of Charles F. Goddard in 1954, the chapter received a substantial bequest. Using these funds, the chapter purchased a suitable site in the village of Southold and commissioned the construction of the museum.

In 1962, the Southold Indian Museum opened. Owned and operated by the Incorporated Long Island Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association.

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Southold Indian Museum Newsletter

The Southold Indian Museum Newsletter (SIMuN) was published between 1986 and 2007.

Publisher: The Incorporated Long Island Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association

Location: Southold, NY

ISSN: 1055-4866

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